Now, for the million dollar question? What are the Top 10 money making niche website ideas? 

These are not merely ideas, these are actually the best of the best. Below I am going to give my readers a gift today. I have had quite a few pageviews on my other website What’s the Buzz About and I appreciate the loyal following because over half of my visitors are repeat viewers. That not only makes me very happy, but it motivates me to do all I can for you. To see someone enjoying my work is the highest form of flattery for me. I am my harshest critic and I always have been. Enjoy the article and use these niches!

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Niches

1. Fitness and Weight Loss

  • weight loss fitness by vervFitness & weight loss
  • weight loss gym routine female
  • exercise for weight loss
  • weight loss fitness plan
  • weight loss fitness app

Before I go any further I thought I better be clear about what each of these sections contain.  Next to the numbers 1 through 10 are the actual niches that are in numerical order according to their placement in the top 10 ranking.

Of course these are niches that encompass many small and micro niches. Just think of weight loss or fitness and immediately you could have a site for low calorie energy bars, or protein powder and on and on!

Look, you can take these categories, and dig down with Jaxxy using the extra keywords I have already listed for you just to get you started on the right foot. Or you can use them as section headings, or titles? The choice is yours, I made this post for you?


2. Health

  • importance of health                                                                                                                                                            Fresh Vegetables / Health niche
  • what is good health
  • health articles
  • types of health
  • concept of health
  • 3 definitions of health

Niche Site Ideas

3. Dating and Relationships
Dating Niche

  • when does dating become relationship
  • casual dating
  • exclusively dating but not in a relationship
  • exclusive dating vs relationship
  • dating relationship stages


4. Pets

  • owning a petPet Niche
  • why do i want a pet
  • why you shouldn’t have a pet
  • why every family should have a pet
  • reasons to not have a pet
  • why everyone should have a dog
  • why people should adopt a pet

Affiliate Marketing Niches

5. Self-Improvement

  • self improvement planSelf Improvement Niche
  • self improvement ideas
  • self improvement goals
  • self improvement reddit
  • self improvement quotes
  • self improvement topics
  • daily self improvement
  • self improvement articles


6. Wealth Building Through Investing

  • how to build wealth from nothingWealth & Investing Niche
  • wealth building definition
  • building wealth book
  • how to build wealth in your 30s
  • building wealth at 25
  • how to build wealth in your 40s
  • how to build wealth in your 20’s
  • how to build wealth through property investment

Best Niches In Affiliate Marketing

7. Make Money on the Internet

  • how to make money online for beginnersMaking Money Online Niche
  • how to make money online without paying anything
  • make money online with google
  • how to make money from home
  • make money online PayPal
  • make money online fast
  • make money fast today

It should be said that while the “Make Money on the Internet” niche or,  “Making Money Online” which ever way you choose to attack it, they are very competitive niches, and they are heavily pursued by some crafty Internet Marketers who have been doing this for many years.

I only say this because I too have tried my hand in this arena,  and the competition is fierce! If you don’t bring your A-Game you better stay home!

8. Beauty Treatments

  • beauty treatments at home for faceBeauty Treatment Niche
  • top 5 beauty treatments
  • best beauty treatments 2019
  • types of beauty treatments
  • most popular beauty treatments 2019
  • beauty treatments to try
  • most popular beauty treatments 2018

Best Affiliate Marketing Niches

9. Gadgets and Technology

  • best tech gadgets 2018Gadgets & Technology Niche
  • best tech gadgets 2019
  • new tech gadgets 2019
  • mens gadgets and gear
  • upcoming gadgets 2019
  • latest gadgets in market

It’s no surprise that the technological industry is booming right now. We are living in the information age. Computers and computer technology have permeated the very fabric of our lives. Our cell phone, our computers of course, our cars, our watches, our appliances, our utilities, our banking & finance, and on and on and on! Honestly, I think we’re going a little too fast, and I fear that we have already gotten a little too far ahead of ourselves?

10. Personal Finance

  • personal finance articlesPersonal Finance Niche
  • personal finance loans
  • personal finance class
  • personal finance book
  • personal finance basics
  • personal finance articles 2019
  • personal finance quiz

One thing I would definitely do if I was going to start marketing one of these niches. I would check places like Clickbank, Amazon, Market Health, Commission Junction, and several other affiliate market places to find the right products for you. At Wealthy Affiliate they have some great resources right there under the Resources tab in 0left sidebar you can get the listings on many high ticket products that will give you some good size commissions. Remember, it’s just as easy to make a sale for &1000.00 dollars as it is to make a sale for $10.00 dollars. If the customer is looking to purchase something chances are they will.

As you continue your journey working online you will get to know the people who are just looking, or just gathering more information from the ones who are there to purchase something all by the search terms that they use to get to your site.

Like with most things in life practice makes perfect. You will fail sometimes, however, if you stick with it , and learn by your failures you will begin to see that you have not failed at all, you have just learned something new. If we never failed at anything we would also never learn anything either.

So remember, don’t be so tough on yourself. I am always my own worst critic, and after working half the night trying to get a project finished the last thing I need to to keep getting kicked by myself every time something doesn’t turn out perfectly. That certainly doesn’t mean I’m going to slack off because that’s not going to happen anytime soon!


See you at the Top!


The Niche Doctor

The Niche Doctor, Harley Davidson another great niche!

This is Josh’s bike my oldest nephew. He recently graduated from the Maryland, State Police Academy. He’s an awesome young man

I enjoy helping other people with their niche website problems whenever I can. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t always The Niche Doctor, a guy who thought about others first. No, I was a little wild growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, and I spent many years doing what I enjoyed doing.  That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it usually consisted of climbing on a Harley Davidson with one of my girlfriends and riding all day. You could say that my early years were a bit undisciplined, to say the least. But, like they say, “There’s nothing constant but change,” and change I did. I went from riding my Harley everyday to driving my 2017 Black Malibu? I won’t say it’s boring; because it’s really not, I’m thankful for what I have, and I know that I’m blessed to have it.

Time waits for no one, isn’t that the truth?

David's Black 2017 Malibu

I can remember buying my first Harley like it was yesterday. I was eighteen years young, and the bike, a 1969 900 cc Maroon Sportster. Talk about quick, even with the weight that bike had, I would wind first gear up and when I shifted into second gear that bike would stand straight up! I would have my father drive down the street where we lived and I would hold onto the door handle while sitting on my bike until we were rolling fast enough for me to jump start that thing. It had so much compression. That Sportster was a real thumper 🙂