Niche Doctor Rocks!

The Niche Doctor, Harley Davidson another great niche!

This is Josh’s bike my oldest nephew. He recently graduated from the Maryland, State Police Academy. He’s an awesome young man

I enjoy helping other people with their niche website problems whenever I can. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t always The Niche Doctor, a guy who thought about others first. No, I was a little wild growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, and I spent many years doing what I enjoyed doing.  That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it usually consisted of climbing on a Harley Davidson with one of my girlfriends and riding all day. You could say that my early years were a bit undisciplined, to say the least. But, like they say, “There’s nothing constant but change,” and change I did. I went from riding my Harley everyday to driving my 2017 Black Malibu? I won’t say it’s boring; because it’s really not, I’m thankful for what I have, and I know that I’m blessed to have it.

Time waits for no one, isn’t that the truth?

David's Black 2017 Malibu

I can remember buying my first Harley like it was yesterday. I was eighteen years young, and the bike, a 1969 900 cc Maroon Sportster. Talk about quick, even with the weight that bike had, I would wind first gear up and when I shifted into second gear that bike would stand straight up! I would have my father drive down the street where we lived and I would hold onto the door handle while sitting on my bike until we were rolling fast enough for me to jump start that thing. It had so much compression. That Sportster was a real thumper 🙂













Niche Doctor Rocks!