We all know that without visitors to our website’s nobody would see all of our hard work. Traffic is the lifeblood of the internet. With it your website will thrive, without it you will wither and die! You would think that with over three billion people online these days that there would be people everywhere? Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case. You see, just like at your home, without someone coming to your specific address you would never see anyone?


How can people just starting out online get traffic?

Free targeted web traffic is what every website owner wants coming to their website. Of course that’s easier said then done, but definitely not impossible either. The biggest problem I see with this is truly knowing your niche!

To do that you need to do your homework!

What does Google want first and foremost? Great unique content, that is relevant to their perspective niche. Here is the perfect example of what I am talking about. This is a message I just left for a new member who is asking about a niche he likes.



Members question:   Any thoughts on “Golf Swing XXXXX” as a niche?


My Response:

“Absolutely, golf is a great niche big time sport around the world.
Also, getting very specific about your focal point is the best way to get your foot in the door with all the competition.

If you simply put up a site on “Golf” the competition is heavy!
But when you go to not just “Golf” or “Golf Swings” but you have gone down another layer to “Golf Swing XXXXX” the more specific you get the better long tail keywords you will find to direct and focus Google to your pages!

It’s all about being unique with your content, while being relevant to your encompassing niche which is golf.”

Great idea, go for it.


Forgive me for the XXXXX in the above example. However, when someone goes to the work of finding a good niche you don’t post their idea for someone else to grab, and believe me, that sort of thing is done all day long online. So a word to the wise. Sharing online is awesome, but use your head when it comes to how specific you get about certain details.

You can talk to someone about bank accounts all day long and still not give them the username and password to your online banking app, right? That’s all I’m saying, share what needs to be shared and keep the security issues to yourself.

The overall point I am trying to get across to you is this.

Google controls 88.61%  of the Search Market share as of July of 2019. Bing, Google’s closest competitor, holds a lopsided 2.72% of that same market. You could make a comfortable income by simply cornering Bing’s first page results section. On the other hand, if you could create fresh unique content focused and relevant to your niche, whatever it may be, you could quite literally write your own ticket by placing your site on Google’s page #1.

Relentless Traffic, do you have what it takes?

To have non-stop relentless traffic you would have to capture the eye of Google! Do you have what it takes? It’s an easy question, and the solution is easy. The solution of course is to give Google something that it cannot get anywhere else? There in lies the rub!

The knowing in this case is the easy part. It’s the actual doing that keeps authors, vendors, developers, and SEO’s alike awake at night. To be able to acquire the coveted page #1 of the internet search giant is no small feat. When Google puts your website on the front page they are in fact telling the world that you are the best of the best.

Google is giving your site the search engine seal of approval. They are saying that out of all the pages online that have this same information, this website has done it better. They have come closer to giving the person who made the search exactly what they have asked for. Google takes it’s responsibility to each person that types in a search query very seriously indeed. Google actually cares about what you are shown when you make a search. Mediocre is not part of Google’s vocabulary.

In this day and age that seems almost unheard of? However, when you take all of these factors into account it’s really not hard to understand why Google is where they are. Why they are #1.

Who Really Knows What SEO Is All About?

Okay,  SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a subject of much debate online. However, there are truly so many factors that Google’s search algorithms take into account that unless you have software to assist you with this there is no way you can cover all the bases.

I have a gift for those who came to read my article, and this gift is by someone I know who has made his fortune online. This guy is a writer, a true Blogger in every sense of the term.

He is an accomplished blogger, copywriter, author, business owner, CEO and I am sure many other good things. I have quite a few of his books on my computer but today I am going to share one that goes hand in hand with this post and with what you guys need to internalize if you want to make your mark on the internet the same way Brian has:

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Now, that said, you don’t really need to either? It’s not that these factors are not all important in there own way, but some of these facets of the overall big picture have little to no effect on what we are doing, and at the level at which we are doing it.

The main things that we are concerned with are the on-page factors which are for the most part taken care of by the SEO plugins we employ on our websites. I know that most of you use All-in-One SEO which is fine. Yoast, is yet another plugin that works fine right out of the box. I personally use, The SEO Framework plugin, combined with The SEO Framework – Extension Manager.

Is it necessary to do this? To me it is, because I got into studying SEO for a while and I enjoy tinkering with my sites? I can’t tinker with my Harley’s anymore so it gives me something to keep me occupied.

SEO takes all of your content, keywords, meta descriptions, anchor text, onsite linking, backlinks (which I never hear anything about anymore and they are very important to your site getting free traffic)

and last but not least Titles for posts & pages.

How many of you know that you are only supposed to have one H1 tag on your page? How many of you know that on WordPress the post Title is your H1 tag and that you should not add another one? On your content editor you have a small drop down menu that normally shows Paragraph on the button and when you click on it there are 7 different settings you can choose from.

Those are all of your post & page title tag options for all throughout your articles.

They start with the biggest which is the:

  1. Heading 1 or  in .html code would be <h1>Title goes in between them</h1> with .html code there is usually always the opening <> tag and the closing tag has the slash in it </> Now please do not get worried because you do not have to know or use this. I added it for those who may have seen it and been curious. If you have even looked in the upper right hand corner of your WordPress content editor you have probably seen the two tabs. One says Visual and the other says Text . If you ever want to underline something all you need to do is highlight the text to be underlined and hit ctrl & U at the same time. The U is for underline and the ctrl stands for control
  2. Heading 2 or in .html code <h2>opening tag & closing tag</h2>
  3. Heading 3 or in .html code <h3>opening tag & closing tag</h3>
  4. Heading 4 or in .html code <h4>opening tag & closing tag</h4>
  5. Heading 5 or in .html code <h5>opening tag & closing tag</h5>
  6. Heading 6 or in .html code <h6>opening tag & closing tag</h6>
  7. There is also the Paragraph which is denoted in .html code by <p>opening tag & closing tag</p>

In closing, I just want to touch very quickly on what we went over in this post.

I began with talking about the importance of traffic to our websites. How without that traffic our sites would be unseen by anyone other than us? I went on to mention niches, and how being very specific with your niche helps you to not only get better keyword opportunities, but you will in all likelihood get more buying customers and less competition, as well.

You can get more and more specific with niches and the competition gets thinner and thinner in most cases! After that we touched on the importance of writing great unique content. I cannot stress anymore the importance of this. Without good freshly written unique content that is relevant to your niche you will not get and keep visitors on your site!

Finally, we touched very briefly on SEO and some of the factors important to attaining some level of    on-page optimization. I will pick up on this topic again in the near future as I never spoke at all about backlinks and there vital role in your site’s ranking & authority online.

I hurried to get this up because there were many new members today asking questions about several of these points that I talked about today. I just want them to understand the importance of these factors in their websites success or failure!

See You At The Top!



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Copyright © 2014 Copyblogger Media, LLC


Copyright © 2014 Copyblogger Media, LLC